I recieve good advice but seldom do I follow it which would explain all the trouble

As a trans woman in a conservative family, I relate my predicament to the one Alice found herself in.

When I got on hormones, I began to grow as a woman. My body was changing shape, my hair was growing longer, and breasts were developing.

In order to afford to attend school, I had to move back home with my very conservative family. In this environment, I felt that there was very little room for me to grow, as initially had to keep it largely out of sight, and the topic was never to be broached.

I was under constant mental and verbal abuse at the time. Sometimes from particular family members, sometimes from an unstable superior at work. I felt as if I would smother and suffocate. I had really no where else to escape to.

The open door is the only source of light here and illuminates a small table holding several items. The Eat Me cake are my hormones, and has clearly been ingested. The Drink Me potion offers a way out, one way or another. A small landscape painting on the table illustrates that there is an entire world beyond the confines of these walls, and a glimpse of hope.

The white rabbit, a frequent presence in my work, stares on helplessly as I threaten to be crushed and die in this place.

Thoughts of suicide were a constant companion of mine at the time of this works creation.

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